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Screw compressors are increasingly used in refrigeration and natural gas industries due to their high efficiency and profound reliability compared to the other types of compressors. Improved performance characteristics provide many benefits such as lower operating cost and low overall carbon footprint which will help to reduce the impact on the environment. Hence the accurate performance predictions are highly demanded by screw compressor product and system developments.
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Reciprocating compressors (also known as piston compressors) are generally used to move gas at increased pressure. The main elements of the compressor are one or more cylinders, and pistons which move within them, rather like in an internal combustion engine.

There are two features of Reciprocating compressors:

  • High speed (separable)

  • Low speed (integral)

    Reciprocating Compressors play a major role in the chemical, petrochemical, gas, and general industry processes. It is best known and most widely used compressors of the positive displacement type. In this article, we will learn about the reciprocating compressor basic parts. Cylinders, Piston, Piston Rod, Distance Piece, Rod Packing, Tangent Ring, Radial Ring Or Pressure Breaker Ring, Backup Ring, Crankshaft, Connecting Rod, Bearing, Valve, Poppet Type Valve, Plate Type Valve, Ring Type Valve.

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