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Screw compressors are increasingly used in refrigeration and natural gas industries due to their high efficiency and profound reliability compared t the other types of compressors. Improved performance characteristics provide many benefits such as lower operating cost and low overall carbon footprint which will help to reduce the impact on the environment. Hence the accurate performance predictions are highly demanded by screw compressor product and system developments.
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Centrifugal Compressors, also known as dynamic compressors, efficiently converts the energy utilizing a series of stages to compress and cool the air as it continuously flows through the unit. A centrifugal compressor imparts kinetic energy into the airstream by increasing the velocity of the air using a rotating element and then converts this kinetic energy into potential energy in the form of pressure. In between each stage of compression, the air is cooled, and excess moisture is removed to further increase the efficiency and air quality. This design results in the ability to produce large quantities of air efficiently in a relatively small package.


There are few features of Screw compressors:

  • At a low flow rate, it offers a high-pressure ratio

  • These compressors are easy to design as compared to positive displacement compressors

  • These are more reliable than reciprocating or rotary compressors

  • TThey don’t need any particular foundation

  • These compressors are oil-free in nature

    These compressors are used with gas turbines, in automotive engines. These compressors are used aswell in superchargers, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, natural gas processing and oil refineries plants. It uses in air separation plants to manufacture purified end product gases. Pipeline compressors transfer natural gas from the workshop to the consumer.

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