Coolers are a huge necessity in high temperate zones where increased humidity and heat make working conditions unbearable. The need is greater in production units like factories, warehouses, thermal plants, chemical units and even institutions. A hot and humid atmosphere cuts down the efficiency of personnel thus resulting in low production output and poor performance. An Industrial cooler does not only provide comfort but is a good business investment for enhancing productivity.

  • SEI manufactures shell and tube type heat exchanger for high, medium and low pressure capacity. Steam line heaters for oil and other liquids. Tube bundle for heat exchanger.

  • Re-Tubing of heat exchanger tube bundle. Fin tube type heat exchanger for oil and other liquids.

  • Coolers: Air and water cooled after cooler and inter cooler for air, oil and gas based equipments.

  • Design features: Tube of S.S304, 316, 3041L, SA179, Copper, Brass etc. Fixed or floating heads and removable or fixed tube bundle, in single or multiple pass. For all plate materials S.S., C.S., Aluminum, extra low carbon steel and nonferrous etc. for high temperature and pressure.


    Industrial Air Cooler provide an effective and amazing cooling effect in almost anywhere. They are also referred to as industrial swamp cooler or industrial evaporative cooler.

    There are few features of Air Cooler:

  • High static air pressure and long distance air delivery.

  • Industrial Air Coolers Improves indoor air quality by removing dust, fumes & odours.

  • Green & Sustainable Evaporative Technology.

    Air Coolers are used to provide large-scale powerful cooling in factories, huge indoor spaces and outdoor areas. Such systems are also used as a cost-efficient cooling solution in dry climate regions. An air cooler like desert coolers will not only cool a workplace but also emit fresh clean air as well as dehumidify areas and raise the comfort level of working conditions. This will in turn increase efficiency and boost production.

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    An Oil cooler is a mechanical device that is used to remove surplus heat from internal combustion engines through a heat-exchanger. The device is used for cooling various mechanical parts using oil. These parts include engine, transmission system and etc.

    There are few features of Air Cooler:

  • It ensures proper cooling of oil before circulating.

  • The temperature of the oil is controlled in the oil-to-water cooler.

  • It decreases the use of water cooling system as it can be corrosive to the engine.

  • It can be used to cool any items at a temperature 100°C or more as oil has a high boiling point.
  • This device can be directly used in electrical components as oil is an electrical insulator. Oil helps to prevent the corrosion.
  • The enhancement of cooling efficiently keeps heated engine oil working at cooler temperatures and also reduces the chance of premature breakdown. The breakdown of oil loses the ability to lubricate and to act as a coolant. Need Help